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At Found, we're looking to change the way people think about eating and what it means to be local. Bottom line - its better for us and the planet to live this way!

We're constantly striving to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by being as "local" as we can!  How do we do this?  By buying from local farms & ranchers, by using repurposed furnishings for our interiors and being as waste free as possible.

At Found we call these our "OF COURSES";  Sustainability is fundamental to who we are.

1 - "Of course" we source from local farms and ranches! Why?  Because it feels great "knowing" the people who grow and raise our food, it tastes better when your veggies were picked yesterday rather that 2 weeks ago; and they maintain their nutritional value!  Plus we use less energy when our food gets here via a short drive rather than from across the country.

2 - "Of course" much of our interior has been "found" and repurposed.  And why is this?  Because it's who we are.  Each piece has a wonderful story, was well made and we are saving it from a landfill!

3 - We pride ourselves on being as waste free as possible!  "Of course" we recycle & "Of course" we compost.  And "of course" we try to use every last bit of all we purchase - if our beets come in with tops we will use the greens, when we bring in and butcher whole animals we use every last bit we can!