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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

A Message From Amy Morton

Greetings All~, 

First of all, we are so grateful for the support we’ve received throughout this time. All the orders, donations and kind messages have been deeply moving. We also want you to know how much incredible detail and thought we put into each dish, as well as how careful we are and will continue to be with each product from the moment it comes through our door to the moment it arrives at your car or front door. We sanitize every single product, every single box, and every single container before it comes to you. Gloves and masks have too, become protocol. Not only do we strive to take care of you, we also are deeply committed to taking care of both ourselves and most importantly, our community! Thank you for choosing to support us. It means so much! 

A thousand thank yous!

Amy and the Gang

Updated Coronavirus/COVID-19 Hours


The Barn Steakhouse located @ 1016 Church St Rear, Evanston, IL 60201

Tuesday - Saturday






Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response Measures

The policy and procedure at AMDP restaurants are stringent at all times. Now, however, during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak we’ve implemented far more and will most likely make many of these practices standard operating procedures in the future. Some details include:

washing our hands every 20 seconds on a regular basis

sanitizing our work stations, tools, equipment and containers continually

wearing masks and gloves whenever possible and changing them frequently

We have also asked guests not to come into the dining room so that we have as few people as possible in our space. Currently we are operating with five people solely through-out the week. All of which sanitize the moment they arrive and come in contact with no one other than our team while at work.